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Esteban Gudino is a Videographer, Video Editor, and Director living in Los Angeles. A native Angelino, he finds most of his inspiration from art, cinema, and music that you'll find in LA — all which feed his creative appetite. Over the course of 5 years, Esteban has produced work for more companies than your fingers can count. In just the last year for instance, he filmed and edited videos for over 50 brands. The most notable being Bottle Keeper and ScotteVest, both featured on ABC's Shark Tank. His video ads have helped companies generate close to 10 million dollars in sales. If sales weren't the focus, his videos still reached thousands of viewers. 


Esteban's style of video can be best described as fun, engaging, and cinematic; all essential ingredients for boosting brand awareness. Whether it’s creating an ad for a beauty product, shooting a creative music video, or filming a wedding, Esteban delivers quality and consistency. 

Growing up in the city of Los Angeles during 90s meant a lot of soccer, Nintendo 64, and family gatherings for Esteban. In school, Esteban discovered he was a visual learner, a lover of art projects, and a huge fan of television  primarily WWF and MTV. Television, music, and pop culture of the 90s would play a big role on his future work.


As a young adult, Esteban's choice of study was no other than Television, Film and Media Studies. After graduating in 2014, Esteban would go on to work on a feature film in 2015. These experiences led Esteban to start his own video production business (now called ‘Point and Record’) and also prompted him to co-found a music booking agency with his twin brother and long-time friend. For the next 5 years, Esteban acquired hands-on experience in videography, video editing, management, and directing. 


Today the video industry and technology are constantly evolving — and so is Esteban. Video (specifically for mobile) is rapidly growing and is expected to boom this decade. Esteban understands the importance of this movement for his career development, therefore, plans to excel at this key time. Having obtained close to 2 years of experience in a fast-paced social media advertising agency, he is poised to bring forth his talents and experience wherever he goes. At the moment he is freelancing, but is interested in full-time opportunities. Esteban works exceptionally well remotely or in-house, under his own wing or under management, solo or with a team. 

Other interests include going on local hikes, camping, traveling, dancing, and attending outdoor movie screenings. Life outside of work can also be quite easy going for Esteban. This list includes things such as watching his favorite soccer team play over the weekend, visiting family on Sunday afternoons or hanging out at the beach — the activities are endless in the city of Angels.

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