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Working with me?

I am an easy-going guy. Plain and simple.

I'm extremely meticulous at my craft, but I am also very calm and collective. I believe communication is key. This applies to any work situation or scenario in real-life. If we work or collaborate together, you can expect an exceptional work ethic from me. I will literally work my ass off once I get the green-light. Anyone who has seen me on set will tell you I take

any client (big or small) serious. Every project is important to me.


This may sound serious as heck while you're reading this... but I do have a fun side, don't worry! Those

who know me, will also tell you that I'm funny and full of energy! I'm young at heart. I like to implement my experience + dynamic spirit into everything I film or edit. Including my cinematic shooting style, choice of colors, music selection, and in my storytelling.



My name is Esteban Gudino, I am a videographer and video editor based out of Los Angeles, California. 

I've been shooting and editing video since my college days tracing back to 2012. After receiving my degree in Television, Film and Media Studies I began pursuing my video production career. Fast-forward to today, I've accomplished to produce successful branding and advertising video campaigns for Fashion, Beauty, and e-Commerce companies. These experiences have shaped me to become the creative-versatile artist that I am today. 


It's safe to say that filming and editing is my lifetime passion. This profession drives me to limits I never thought possible, both physically and mentally. I absolutely love what I do— and I don't just say that just to say it (it's actually true). Why? I love creating

There is no dull moment when I get my hands on a camera or when I edit. Bringing a vision to life is the ultimate feeling. 



Whether you are a solo business owner, a CEO or an artist looking to collaborate, I am happy to assist you. I'm keen on producing video content for all sorts of businesses.


Feel free to contact me for your videography or editing needs. I'm currently open for bookings.

Message me to get started! 

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